RHF Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtain - Antique Bronze Grommet Top for bedroom or living room 52W by 84L Inches-Olive

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Thermal insulated - Heavy enough help your sliding door keep the heat and cold out 
  • Innovative fabric - Independent laboratory test shows curtain blocks out 99.9% of light
  • Features Antique Bronze Grommet Top - Can be hung from a standard or decorative curtain rod, the ring size is about 1.6" and 2.4" for Inside and outside diameter
  • Easy Care - Machine Wash and Dry. PLEASE NOTE: This product is meant for Indoor use only
  • Energy Efficient - Thermal insulated curtains minimize heating and cooling costs

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Rose Home Fashion brings you luxury curtains at an affordable price. Rose Home Fashion Super soft Thermal Insulated Blackout curtains in the New Sandwich Technique that will enable to block out 99.8% of sunlight.

Light Blocking Energy Saver: Having the heavy, multi-layered micro-fiber blackout window curtains or drapes can make a world of a difference in reducing the amount of light that comes in from outside, adds up to budget noticeable energy saving up to 15%.

Sleep Soother Sound Dampening: It's hard to get babies to take a rest during the day when the sun is streaming brightly through a bedroom window. Blackout curtains encourage the best possible sleep and most comfortable setting for day sleepers and the ones who have trouble falling asleep, by automatically darkening and lowering noise levels.

Absolute Privacy Relax. They will stop the outside world from creeping into your private moments so you can enjoy the privacy with family members and friends to the utmost.

If you are looking for great and cost-effective way of re-inventing the look of your home, opt for Rose home Fashion readymade curtains. They are crafted for the topmost and luxury, come with the strong grommet ring top for easy installation and smooth sliding over a rod. Each curtain panel is carefully ironed and ready to serve as your window dressing.

Please be Noted: Our product pictures are real and shot by professionals. However, due to differences in computer monitors display, there can be color variations between the actual product and your screen measurement.


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They Really Block Out the Light

Great product. Really block the light.

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Love these curtains

Love these curtains. Very good quality. Amazon makes it so easy to shop on line. I am hooked. I will do most of my shopping on line now.

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They were great exactly what I wanted

They were great exactly what I wanted

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Five Stars

These were perfect for my living room.

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Great product

They really blackout light!

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Very very satisfied as my husband was moved to nights these are ...

Very very satisfied as my husband was moved to nights these are perfect for keeping light out so he can sleep.

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Excellent for what they are, but not true "blackout" curtains.

The curtain is thick and well-constructed. A cold wash and run through the dryer will get out all the wrinkles no problem.

This blackout curtain doesn't have a liner, so some light will get through unless you're putting this over shades (as I did for my patio). It is, however, the best blackout curtain I've used that was unlined. The material doesn't look like cheap polyester the way some of these do; it's a matte woven look. I bought my curtain in olive, which is slightly darker than the pictures suggest. I purchased this at the 100" length, which really comes out to about 90". So if you're planning on cutting it close you may want to go with two smaller panels.

While I would love it more if it had a liner on the back, I knew it came unlined when I purchased it and this curtain's exceeded my expectations for what I got. Will probably buy more of these for another room later.

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