Teak Shower Bench, Teak Shower Stool, 20" Sturdy Waterproof Stool with Shelf Foot Stool & Shower Shelf for Your Bathroom. Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor, Nander Stool, Assembly Required

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UPC: 0705604689346

Indonesia Legal Wood: The 100% Solid Teak wood get certification from Ministry of Forestry Indonesia. Durable, environmental and healthy for your body.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: The naturally water resistant teak wood and stainless screws allow the bench to be used in the shower, or anywhere in your house, or for outdoor living.

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UPC: 0705604689346


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Teak Shower stool 20" upc 0705604689346

Rating:0 1 2 3 4

A sturdy, well made, attractive, Teak stool. Great hand oiled finish as well. The adjustable feet INCLUDE a 1/2 thick black rubber PAD, with about a 3/4 long threaded shank.

1) From experience black rubber ages and eventually mars tile surfaces. Black rubber as it softens in the high moisture environment tends to result in a black mark on the floor.. Going to a white rubber prevents THOSE possibilities from becoming so visible.

2) This item prevented triggering a five star review:. A shower large enough to have a free standing stool, also has a pitch drop in the floor to aid in drainage. The less than 3/4 inch thread length on the adjustable foot is too short to be useful in all possible situations this stool may end up in. The capture bolt is appropriately countersunk in the leg and therefore reduces the available adjustment height. Increasing the threaded adjustment length protruding from the foot to 1 1/4 " should provide more than an adequate adjustment range.

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