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A sturdy, well made, attractive, Teak stool. Great hand oiled finish as well. The adjustable feet INCLUDE a 1/2 thick black rubber PAD, with about ...  more

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We purchased these about 1 month ago. Liked the quality, price, and they hung very nicely right out of the packaging. We, however were not crazy abo...  more

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Shipping time was decent considering we had the holidays to contend with. My inquiry on shipping was returned immediately after they checked with thei...  more

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You must have a try this blackout curtain, it's very great for the price

I really like my curtains. They block out a little bit of the cold too. Love the feel of them.

The curtains fit perfectly! I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend these curtains.

These curtains look lovely in the pictures but in person they are unbelievably nice and amazing quality especially for the money.

They have a smoot...  more

These were softer than expected but still provided the blackout and thermal effect that I was seeking. I also like how easy it is to slide open and c...  more

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